Chocolate-Covered Nuts (Choose from Assorted Flavors)


Chocolate-covered nuts in 6 assorted flavors – choose from:
  • Matcha Pistachio – matcha green tea & Valrhona white chocolate-covered whole pistachios
  • Strawberry Almond – Valrhona strawberry & dark chocolate-covered whole caramelized almonds
  • Caramelia Hazelnut – Valrhona Gianduja & Caramelia (caramelized milk chocolate)-covered whole caramelized hazelnuts
  • Passionfruit Macadamia – Valrhona passion fruit & milk chocolate-covered whole caramelized macadamia nuts with sea salt
  • Dark Chocolate Almond – Valrhona dark chocolate- covered whole caramelized almonds
  • Milk Chocolate Hazelnut – milk chocolate-covered whole caramelized hazelnuts

Sold individually (not a set of 6), please choose your flavor in the drop-down menu below.


  • Matcha Pistachio – contains dairy, nuts
  • Strawberry Almond – contains nuts
  • Caramelia Hazelnut – contains dairy, nuts
  • Passionfruit Macadamia – contains dairy, nuts
  • Dark Chocolate Almond – contains nuts
  • Milk Chocolate Hazelnut¬†– contains dairy, nuts

Produced in a facility where nuts are present.
For any ingredient-specific allergen questions, please contact us.